englandThe Manor Hospital was built in Pleck Road in 1838 around the old Central Union Workhouse which was opened in 1896. In 1902, another identical infirmary with four wards was built alongside the Manor Hospital. There were eight wards which had a total of 200 beds and they were catered for patients who were admitted there. The wards were designed for men, women, children and an operating theatre.

In April 2005,Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust started its first apprentice programme there was only 1 Pilot Group which consisted of 6 HealthCare Apprentice’s. Over the years, more apprentices were introduced and more Qualifications added to the HealthCare and Business Administration programme, the team grew and in 2016 the apprentice programme was well established.

Buisness administration has a rolling programme throughout the year and Health recruit in cohorts 2-3 times per year at current there are 5 cohorts of Healthcare apprentices working within the trust.