Why an Apprenticeship was for me?

Why an Apprenticeship was for me?


Apprentice - Laura Jarvis


I applied for this apprenticeship as I already knew one of the previous apprentices

that worked in the hospital as they had discussed with me how good this course was and how it would benefit me as i wanted to become a qualified health care assistant after finishing my clinical health care apprenticeship gaining my NVQ level 2 and level 3 and my BTEC diploma

An opportunity came up for me to apply for a permanent CSW post Walsall Nhs jobs website.

I completed the application form to the best i could, which then in a couple of days of completing the application  I had a email/ phone call saying i was successful and they would like to invite me for a interview.

Since being on the apprenticeship programme i have gained so much knowledge and experience in different areas of the hospital which has made me become to the best health care that i possible can. I have took a lot of progression routes from being an apprentice which has now lead me to become a full time health care assistant for the hospital.

I would really recommend this apprenticeship course to people who are trying to gain experience in a hospital setting or if they want to become a nurse this is the best route before going to university.


Apprentice - Matthew Rollinson

How I applied                                         20161103_142235

I applied for my apprenticeship through the national apprenticeship vacancies website. When applying through the website, you are able to add search filters so that only apprenticeships relevant to what you are looking for appear on screen. One of the filters says ‘Employer’ which will be Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. This will bring up all live apprenticeship posts that we have to offer at the time of your search. It’s very easy to navigate on the website.

How I heard about it

My brother was doing his QCF Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship at the trust by the time I had finished my first year of sixth form. Aware that I hadn’t enjoyed sixth form so far, my brother told me more about the apprenticeships at the trust and what you can gain from doing an apprenticeship. I researched more about the qualification and checked the national apprenticeship vacancies website to see if there was any apprenticeship vacancies available.

Why I applied

I applied for an apprenticeship at the trust after speaking with my brother about what the apprenticeships entail. He was also doing a business administration apprenticeship and showed me on his laptop what sort of Microsoft Office packages I would be expected to use. After realising I was fully capable of this, I thought ‘why not?’ and applied for an apprenticeship within the Learning & Development team.

What interested me

I was interested in applying for an apprenticeship as I knew even if it wasn’t something I was going to really enjoy, I would get a qualification that I could fall back on later on in my career if need be. I also love the idea of learning while you’re earning!

Qualifications did and doing now

When I started my apprenticeship back in 2014, I began to work on my QCF Business Administration Level 2 qualification. I completed this qualification throughout the first year of my apprenticeship before moving on to my QCF Business Administration Level 3 qualification back in January. The qualification is completed online via the Learning Assistant website. This means that you can easily access the website in or out of work hours. The apprenticeships at the trust are designed so that you have designated time to complete work towards your qualification in order to complete your qualification and get your certificate before your apprenticeship ends. There is a certain day each calendar month that apprentices will gather for half a day in the Learning Centre to complete work towards their qualification. This is something the trust has implemented this year that has proved to be extremely successful for both the QCF Assessors and Apprentices at the trust. 


Earlier in 2016 while working on my QCF Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship qualification, there was a vacancy within the team I work within. As this was a substantive position, I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. A couple of days had passed after being interviewed for the position when my line manager and colleagues called me into one of the interview rooms outside the office. After being unsuccessful for a similar post around a year before, I was very nervous to hear the outcome from my interview. When I was told I had been successful in my application for the position, I was truly over the moon. I have worked in my substantive post since June 2016 and have been given the opportunity to continue to work towards my QCF Business Administration Level 3 qualification. I cannot thank the team I work within and the team of QCF Assessors at the trust enough for helping me get to where I am today.

Plan on doing when I finish

While I was an apprentice, I had planned to apply for substantive positions at the trust after finishing my QCF Business Administration Level 3 qualification. However now that circumstances have changed and I now have a substantive position at the trust, I am looking at completing more qualifications to help guide me in my future career. I am planning to complete my TAQA (Training Assessment Quality Assurance) qualification once I have completed my QCF Business Administration Level 3 qualification to start off with.

Support given

The support I have been given by the team of QCF Assessors and colleagues within my team while being at the trust has been outstanding. When obstacles have occurred that I have had to overcome, my team and the team of assessors at the trust have always been there for me. The 3 standards set for employees at the trust ‘Appreciated, Supported to meet our high standards and Part of one team’ have all been adhered to on numerous occasions in order to help me progress in my role at the trust.

Would I advise people to do apprenticeship

I would advise anyone to seriously consider doing an apprenticeship at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust whether it be in Business Administration, Healthcare or Support Services. One of the main reasons I would recommend people to do an apprenticeship here is that the trust has an outstanding team of Widening Participation assessors based in the Manor Hospital. The Widening Participation Assessors are dedicated to helping all apprentices progress by ensuring they treat everybody equally. For anyone applying for an apprenticeship at the trust which is based anywhere other than the Manor Hospital, the team of assessors schedule visits to ensure that you have support in completing your apprenticeship.  

Advice to applicants

My advice to anyone thinking about applying would be to read the vacancy description to ensure that you’re going to be capable of and enjoy what you could possibly be doing if successful after interview. I would also advise applicants not to get disheartened if you apply and are unsuccessful. Keep on applying for different vacancies because you will benefit from doing an apprenticeship at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.