Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust was established on 1 April 2011, bringing together the teams at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust and NHS Walsall Community Health. The Trust provides local general hospital and community services to around 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding areas.
Sister Dora Lecture Theatre  
The 150 seat Sister Dora Lecture Theatre hosts a 5 metre projection screen. The availability of radio microphones, hand held microphones and a infra-red Powerpoint slide changer allows for presenter mobility and audience interaction.
DVDs can be played and there is wireless projection connection to other rooms in the MLCC, including the Simulation Suite, as well as other areas of the hospital e.g. theatres.  

Lecture suite
Lecture rooms
Seminar rooms
Simulation Suite

The simulation suite has 2 beds with monitors and is linked by a one-way window to an observation room. SMOTS cameras and microphones enabling recording or direction of multiple simultaneous scenarios, together with observation feedback in the lecture theatre. We have several high-fidelity patient simulators including METI and SIMBABY
Simulation in medical education involves using this replicated clinical setting to recreate common and uncommon clinical scenarios in a safe environment. The concept of immersive simulation is to do exactly what you would do in real life as the scenario progresses in real-time.  The scenarios used can be manipulated to emphasise key themes in patient safety and human factors. Debriefing following the scenario is an important aspect of simulation because adults learn best when they have an opportunity to experience something and then are able to have a structured reflective observation on that experience.
Clinical Skills Laboratory 

Students can learn to undertake clinical skills and practical procedures in our Clinical Skills Lab. This means learning in a controlled and highly supervised setting, incorporating state of the art manikins and simulation techniques, so that students  are competent and confident before applying these techniques on real patients.