2nd Years Hospital Preparation Course

2nd Years Hospital Preparation Course




Welcome to your placement here in Walsall as part of your Year 2 Hospital Preparation Course. Over the two days you are with us, we will help you gain familiarity with our hospital and to begin to understand how you will go about the process of learning in this new environment. We also will be covering some of the practical and administrative aspects prior to you placement here in September.

Working closely with Birmingham Medical School, we strive to help train the very best doctors who are safe, competent, good communicators and well placed to meet the demands of a changing National Health Service.


Jon Pepper
Head of Academy

Pre-placement preparation

We ask that you read the Year 2 Hospital Preparation Course booklet, which provides the majority of the information required for students undertaking the hospital preparation course. Additional information, including some specific resources and copies of lecture handouts, will be made available via Canvas.

You are required to:

  • Read the introduction and background to the hospital preparation course
  • Undertake the preparation for the hospital placement and self-directed learning prior to going to the hospital placement
  • Consider the questions in 10 things to do on hospital placement
  • Study the other pages in this booklet relating to the Medical School-based lecture sessions
  • Participate in and complete the reflective activities on the Trust-based hospital preparation days


Programme for the two days

This two day placement will not cover core learning for clinical medicine and surgery, but rather to familiarise students with the learning environments that they will face when they return to the MBChB course after the summer and suggest learning strategies to make the most of hospital-based learning here in Walsall. 

We will provide a gentle introduction to the clinical learning environment, which hopefully will reduce the anxiety that some face when they return to year 3 studies in September. We also hope to motivate you so that when you return in September you will be keen to learn and make the most out of your placement here in Walsall.

The Clinical Teaching Fellows run the two days for you.

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Learning in the clinical environment

Although some medical students may have undertaken work experience in clinical settings or have other experience of hospitals, for most, however, the hospital is still quite an alien environment. Many students spend a lot of time in their clinical years feeling more like a visitor than a professional undertaking training in the hospital environment. It is essential that students adjust as quickly as possible to this new setting as this is where the majority of the clinical years and Foundation training after graduation will be spent.

To remind you, some of the principal differences between medical school-based and hospital-based learning are:

  • Less rigid timetable of activities
  • Increased self-motivation required to get requisite clinical experience
  • Requirement to comply with various rules and regulations (e.g. infection control, information governance)
  • Negotiation with other students to undertake certain clinical activities on the same firm or placement
  • Expectations of and observation by clinical teachers

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Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes following the two days:  

  • Understand key undergraduate administration processes
  • Understand how to use our library
  • Attend the Hospital orientation/tour
  • Meet key Academy staff  
  • Shadow junior medical staff
  • Shadow nursing staff
  • Talk to patients in the clinical setting

NB You must not undertake any clinical skills 


Raising Concerns About Patient Safety

Click on the cover above to read more about Promoting Excellence


We take patient safety very seriously. In line with the GMC’s Promoting excellence: standards for medical education & training (GMC, 2015), we strive to create a culture of promoting patient safety. We will endeavour to ensure that your education & training takes place where patients are safe, the care & experience of patients is good & education and training is valued. 

We strive to demonstrate a culture that allows learners & educators to raise concerns about patient safety, and the standard of care or of education and training, openly and safely without fear of adverse consequences. Should you have any concerns while on placement here in Walsall please speak to an appropriate member of Trust Staff as soon as possible