5th Years AIP

5th Years AIP

Welcome to your Acutely ill Patient (AIP) placement here in Walsall. Over the next 15 weeks, we aim to help you gain the necessary experience and knowledge to be able undertake the role of Foundation Doctor (F1) with competence and confidence. Over the 15 weeks you will spend time in acute medicine, acute surgery, AMU, A & E and ITU/HDU. We encourage you to make the most of learning experiences e.g. ward rounds, handovers, on-calls, holding the cardiac arrest bleep and shadowing the ACP/SAT working in A & E resuscitation bay.    

Working closely with Birmingham Medical School, we will strive to help train the very best doctors who are safe, competent, good communicators and well placed to meet the demands of a changing National Health Service.

As your Senior Academy Tutor, we will be meeting you on a regular basis over the next 15 weeks and our colleagues and us look forward to teaching you.



Raising Concerns about Patient Safety


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We take patient safety very seriously. In line with the GMC’s Promoting excellence: standards for medical education & training (GMC, 2015), we strive to create a culture of promoting patient safety. We will endeavour to ensure that your education & training takes place where patients are safe, the care & experience of patients is good & education and training is valued. 

We strive to demonstrate a culture that allows learners & educators to raise concerns about patient safety, and the standard of care or of education and training, openly and safely without fear of adverse consequences. Should you have any concerns while on placement here in Walsall please speak to an appropriate member of Trust Staff as soon as possible.