Central Venous Access Workshop

Central Venous Access Workshop

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This half-day workshop will provide hands-on training to the candidates in Central Venous Access. Candidates will get an opportunity to scrub up, use our central line kit and place a Central line into a gel model using Ultrasound guidance. 


Essential pre-workshop learning -

Please complete the following module (FREE) for Central venous cannulation on the e-LfH website 

Please register / login on e-lfh website and click on the link below.

You may need to enroll into e-LA (E-learning for Anaesthesia modules) and complete Modules 03_03_01 to 03_03_06.

03 Central venous cannulation  - https://bit.ly/2tTHP4q


Programme - 

1330 - 1400 - Introduction and Discussion on Central venous access

1400 - 1415 - Ultrasound of Volunteers

1415 - 1600 - Hands-on training with models

1600 - 1630 - Confirmation of placement/ Complications

(Tea /Coffee and biscuits will be provided)

Opportunity to get DOPS signed off for Central venous access - simulation.


Learning Outcomes -

By the end of the course, you will have learned

- Indications / Contraindications and uses of CVC

- Anatomy of IJV / Femoral veins

- Seldinger technique for insertion of CVC

- Use of Ultrasound to guide CVC placement

- Correct placement of CVC on CXR

- Complications of CVC


Faculty -

Dr. Atul Garg / Consultant Anesthetics ITU

Dr. Derrick Clarence / Consultant Anaesthetics ITU

Dr. Samir Nazir / Consultant Anaesthetics

Dr. Ranjit Bains / Registrar Anaesthetics


Targeted Audience - 

- Those new to Central venous access or needing a refresh

- Doctors/ ACPs/ ACCPs - of all grades


Date - Tuesday 7th May 2019, 1330 - 1630


VenueMLCC room 14 and 15 at Walsall Manor Hospital.

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