ECG Recording (Newstarters/Beginners)

ECG Recording (Newstarters/Beginners)

Product no.: ECG Recording (NS)

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ECG Recording


To prepare the practitioner for recording a 12 lead ECG on an adult patient. Competence will be determined by practical assessment.


  • Explain the principles of ECG recording
  • Explain the importance of taking an ECG recording correctly
  • Explain the procedure to the patient
  • Understand the differences between taking recordings in adults & children
  • Understand the differences in ECG machines and have a full working knowledge of the ECG machine available on their ward/department

​Intended Audience

Registered Nurses and Clinical Support Workers Level 3(If below level 3 grade speak to lead) 



Walsall Manor Hospitals - Manor Learning and Conference Centre (Level 3)

Walsall Manor Hospital,

Moat Road,

Walsall West-Midlands,

WS2 9PS.

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