Male Catheterisation (Newstarters/Beginners)

Male Catheterisation (Newstarters/Beginners)

Product no.: Male Catheterisation (Newstarters/Beginners)

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Male Catheterisation


To prepare a practitioner for inserting a male urinary catheter. Competence will be determined by practical assessment.


  •  Discuss the anatomy and physiology involved in the male urinary system
  • List and discuss the indications for male catheterisation
  • Name the contra-indications involved with catheterisation of male patients
  • Discuss any actual or potential problems encountered during male catheterisation
  • List the equipment needed for every individual procedure
  • Discuss the reasons why an aseptic technique is used
  • Discuss the procedure involved, in performing a male catheterisation and rationale behind it
  • Discuss the catheter of choice used for male catheterisation
  • The student will have observed three practical demonstrations of how to insert a catheter into a male patient
  • To undertake three supervised practices of male catheterisation
  • On completion of the three supervised practice assessments the practitioner is responsible for their own continuing professional development and should update their practice accordingly

​Intended Audience

For Clinical Nursing Staff




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Walsall Manor Hospital,

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