QSIR Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign Fundamentals

QSIR Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign Fundamentals

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QSIR Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign Fundamentals

1 day training course – outline of the course

QSIR Fundamentals is a practical workshop that is designed to provide an overview of a series of evidence based tools and approaches that have been used in successful service and quality improvement programmes in the UK and internationally.

The aims of the workshop are to:

• gain insight into the imperatives, aims and language of quality improvement (QI).

• equip you with the knowledge of how some essential quality and service improvement techniques are used in practice to further improvement work.

• provide opportunities to learn from others and discuss issues in a safe environment.

• utilise time within the programme to reflect and consider how techniques may be applied in your own practice.

• gain confidence and be inspired to want to change practice and learn more about quality improvement.

• feel confident to work alongside a more experienced QI practitioner

• introduce you to the QSIR community.


For people who are interested in gaining greater understanding of using a wider range of quality and service improvement tools, the QSIR Practitioner programme provides a series of five one-day workshops over a four/five month period. During this time, participants apply the learning from the workshops to a change project they are working on. The aim of this programme is to give you the skills and confidence to rollout proven service improvement techniques, by providing you with the know-how to design and implement more efficient and productive services.

The programme has been designed to help both clinical and operational staff across the NHS to deliver the quality improvement agenda.

Venue - Manor Learning Confrence Centre , Walsall Manor Hospital

Time - 09:30 - 17:00

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