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The e-ALS course comprises 1-day e-learning and 1-day face-to-face.

All candidates will be registered on the Learning Management System (LMS) regardless of their chosen course pathway to access course modules, pre-course multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ), course evaluation and post course certificates.  

The course programme consists of lectures, workshops, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations (i.e. CASTeach). 

Assessment and Certification 
Continuous assessment occurs throughout the ALS course, which is based on clinical simulations that allow candidates to demonstrate the core competencies that have been taught on the course. These include airway management, high quality CPR and defibrillation and cardiac arrest management. A final assessment of candidates at the end of the course takes the form of management of a cardiac arrest simulation and a MCQ paper. Successful candidates receive a Resuscitation Council (UK) ALS provider certificate, which is valid for 4 years. The ALS course is recognised for up to 10 continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Pre-course preparation 
The course manual is sent to candidates one month before the course. Candidates are expected to have prepared for the course by reading the manual and submitting their completed pre-course MCQ paper before attending the face-to-face course. Candidates are advised to complete the pre-course MCQ without reference to the manual. Candidates are also given access to e-learning materials on the LMS.  For those candidates attending the e-ALS course, the e-learning content replaces the first day of the 2-day course and they must access and undertake the e-learning component before attending the face-to-face element of the course. Prior competence in CPR is an essential prerequisite to attending the course.

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